One Product, Multiple Solutions

Backed By Data. Informed By Expertise. Clinically Acclaimed

Basic Principle

Basic Principle is beauty that stands for mind over myth. We create multi-use skin + hair care backed by data. Get back to the basics and simplify your shelf™.


Meet The Trifecta Serum

Science has proven that the healthy ingredients that benefit your skin, can also benefit your hair. Our 3-in-1 serum combines the best qualities from your moisturizer and leave-in conditioner into one, clinically proven to hydrate, smooth and nourish your skin, hair + scalp.

  • Allergy Tested
    Using gentle ingredients, our formulas are hypoallergenic and non-irritating.
  • Hero Ingredients
    Clinically studied, non-comedogenic ingredients include smoothing Niacinamide, moisturizing Squalane and strengthening Pro-Vitamin B5.
  • Animal Test Free
    Not one animal was harmed in the making. We test on humans, for humans.

Press Reviews

“It feels silky and lightweight (a feat for both hair and skin), and doesn’t leave my pores clogged or my hair greasy. It’s truly a miracle product.”

Basic Principle

“An overachieving, 3-in-1 skin, hair and scalp serum I'd actually recommend — and use regularly myself — as a beauty editor.”

Basic Principle

Made with Experts

Basic Principle

Formulated with
Cosmetic Chemists

We consult and work directly with scientists when it comes to our product’s ingredients and efficacy.

Basic Principle

Tested with

We perform allergy and stability tests on all of our formulas to deliver gentle, effective and safe options for all skin & hair types.

Basic Principle

Vetted by Industry

We go the extra mile to collect feedback from licensed cosmetologists and estheticians.

Honest Skin + Hair Care Made For All Humans

Your skin, hair + scalp have more in common than you think. All made up of Keratin, they can be nourished and damaged by similar factors. We carefully blend non-comedogenic ingredients that make your skin + hair glow, all with one solution.

Basic Principle
Basic Principle

Responsible Practices

We value our natural surroundings. Sustainability begins with full transparency and full disclosure, full-stop.

Basic Principle

Industry Transparency

Skincare shouldn’t cost the truth. When it comes to beauty myths and filler ingredients, we cut out the junk.

Basic Principle

Hero Ingredients

With every drop accounted for, we get down to the molecule—active ingredients with the science to back them up.

Basic Principle

Data Driven

We only use stable ingredients proven effective through peer-reviewed data. What can we say? We love numbers.